Tübify are healthy frozen treats perfectly packed for people on the go. 


Our freezies feature ethically sourced all-organic minimally processed
real food. Using ingredients from nature means each small batch will be
just a little bit unique! 


Tübify celebrates these wonderful delicate flavour variations.

Image: Tubify Organic Craft Freezies all flavors
Tübify Organic Craft Freezies


Image: Tubify Raspberry Raven Lemonade Freezie
Raspberry Raven Lemonade Freezie

Raspberry Raven Lemonade

Not too tart, not too sweet & very raspberry.

Our Raspberry Raven Lemonade features organic raspberries from British Columbia's Fraser Valley. It's a favorite!

Minty Moose Limeade

Ice cold minty freshness with just the right amount of sour!  You'll be back for more, and more!

Image: Tubify Minty Moose Limeade Freezie
Minty Moose Limeade Freezie

Image: Tubify Blueberry Elephant Freezie
Blueberry Elephant Freezie

Blueberry Elephant

It's like blueberries exploding on your tastebuds. Organic orange juice (not from concentrate) combined with organic blueberries from British Columbia's Fraser Valley make these freezies so good.

Coconut Koala café latte

It's a coffee lovers dream. British Columbia's Salt Spring Coffee's (always fairtrade & organic) smooth Cold Brew is the starting point for our creamy Coconut Koala Café Latte.


We are proud to partner with  Salt Spring Coffee

Image: Tubify Coconut Koala Café Latte Freezie
Coconut Koala Café Latte Freezie

Image: Tubify Mango Tiger Freezie
Mango Tiger Freezie

Mango Tiger

All mango all the time! Well almost. Mango Tiger also features crushed pineapples and smooth creamy coconut.  The perfect partners to dreamy mango.

Find our Freezer Tricycles

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Find us at:


August Market

3958 Main Street,

Vancouver, BC



Be Fresh Market by SPUD

1900 W 1st Avenue

Vancouver, BC




Edible Canada on Granville Island

1596 Johnson Street

Vancouver, BC



Fluffy Kittens

619 Gore Avenue

Vancouver, BC



La Grotta Del Frommagio

1791 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC




780 East Cordova

Vancouver, BC



Marche St George

4393 St George Street

Vancouver, BC



Organic Acres Market

3603 Main Street

Vancouver, BC 



Scent of a Sandwich

418 Main Street

Vancouver, BC



Uncommon Cafe

477 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC



Urban Digs Farm

4994 Byrne Road,

Burnaby, BC



Westham Island Herb Farms

4960 Kirkland Road

Delta, BC



Wilder Snail

799 Keefer Street

Vancouver, BC




the People and the Story behind TÜBIFY

From organic and Fair-trade Ingredients to our Healthy and Tasty TÜBIFY Freezies

What's Tübify?

Tübify is a healthy take on the traditional freezie. We all loved freezies when we were children. As adults, when we realized that there was a lack of tasty treats that were good for you it was only natural that we returned to our childhood favourites. We recreated them but tastier and completely healthy!

Unique & Organic?

Tübify products are made from whole fruits and vegetables. We don't add any fillers, preservatives, gums, emulsifiers, or any non-food ingredients.


Our goal is to make delicious treats that are healthy both for you and the environment. 

How to use it?

Simply tear across the top (look for the easy tear notch) and eat!


Alternately, Tübify can be used as a great smoothie starter. Pop it into your jar or water bottle with some protein powder and your milk of choice, shake it up and you've got an instant blenderless smoothie

Would you like catering for your Event?

If you would like us to cater your event with our yummy Tübify Organic Craft Freezies please get in touch to inquire if we are available for your office event, public event, birthday, wedding or any other private event. Simply fill in the inquiry form or drop us a line at satisfaction@tubify.ca.

Questions? Check out our FaQ

Where can we buy them?

To find out where our tricycles are right now click here.


Our store finder will be up soon, check back often.

What’s the difference between a freezie and Popsicle?

Freezies are packed in a tube which makes them better suited for on-the-go, they are less messy and better suited if you prefer to eat slowly.

No trees are cut down to make sticks for them.  They also don’t require additives such as gums to slowdown melting and help them keep their shape.

What’s up with the plastic?

Our tubes are made of food grade polypropolene.  They contain neither PVC nor BPA.  We are sensitive to plastic waste and we encourage our consumers to rinse and recycle the empty tubes via their municipal recycling programs.


We are also looking at alternative materials, unfortunately compostable tubes are not yet an option, as no material exists that will hold a liquid and stand up to the freezing process before beginning to degrade. We hope to be in the financial position to fund R&D in compostable materials soon.

What does FairTrade Certified mean?

We believe all workers have a right to a living wage, Fairtrade Certified guarantees that workers and farmers producing our ingredients are treated fairly. Learn more at:  http://fairtrade.ca/

What is 1% for the planet?

We recognize that every action we take has an effect on our environment. We support local environmental organizations financially via our membership in 1% for the Planet.

Learn more at: http://onepercentfortheplanet.org/

Why Vegan?

We believe in being as inclusive as possible. We certified our products Vegan to make them easily identifiable at a glance to consumers with dietary restrictions

Learn more at: http://vegan.org

My Coconut Koala Café Latte freezie is two colours, is that normal?

Yes, much like a Cappuccino has foam floating on top, our Coconut Koala Café Latte freezie is layered with Organic Cold Brew Salt Spring Coffee and Organic Coconut Cream.

What’s a Yogi?

Simply put, a Yogi is a practitioner of Yoga.  At Tübify we believe being healthy includes not only eating clean organic food, but regular exercise, and mindfulness. We practice this in our own lives and wish to share this philosophy.

Image: Tubify Freezies Yogi Made