Live Your Summer To The Fullest While Supporting Local

With the world, life, and restrictions finally moving in the direction of some kind of normalcy, it is gearing up to be a very busy summer making up for all the things we missed out on last year!

We think that we can all agree that it isn't as easy to stay on top of the normal grocery shopping and meal prepping when you're busy and that's okay, that's where we come in.

This week we wanted to share a few ideas to help make your busy summer a healthy and happy summer and allow you to support the local small businesses in your area while doing so.

1. Prioritize your mental health by getting outside every day - sunny days will be gone before we know it and we should all be taking full advantage of them.

2. Order takeout and delivery from local restaurants near you - we are happy to say that we are available on Uber Eats now with Pasta E Sugo and Arbutus Finest At Sea just open up your Uber Eats app and type in either location to order single boxes.

3. Sign up for a meal delivery service - we are available on FreshPrep all summer so you can stock up on freezies with your order every week, FreshPrep is a local vancouver zero waste meal delivery service, and Vegano Foods is another great fully vegan option. 

We also have a promo code for FreshPrep, just use: "DELICIOUS FRESH PREP MEALS" to enjoy a $36.75 savings off your first order! And if you don't have a Fresh Prep account yet use code FPTUBIFY to enjoy a $36.75 savings off your first order! Visit to get started!

4. Shop at farmers markets and independent grocers as much as possible to support small businesses - this also allows you to get the freshest seasonal produce which means it is higher in nutrients.

5. If you know you're going to be busy try planning your meals ahead of time for the week - sit down and choose what you want to eat then make your grocery, meal delivery, and takeout lists accordingly so you're all set.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your summer to the fullest!

- @tubify team

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