Healthy Movie Night Snack Alternatives

If you're like us then you probably feel like your every day life for the last year has consisted of you looking forward to moving from your laptop in your home office (or dining room table) to the couch to watch Netflix when it's time to clock out of your WFM situation. We feel you, we've all been wearing sweatpants for a year and at this point no one really knows if jeans will ever be worn again.

This week we wanted to share our favourite snacks for when we're binge watching The Office for the 5th time (if you know you know).

Crispy Chickpeas - If you haven't tried crispy chickpeas you are missing out! They're like chips but WAY better because they're super high in plant-based protein and fibre and you can flavour them however you want.

Cheezy Plant Based Popcorn - You can't wait a movie without popcorn, it just isn't done. 

Vegan Spinach Dip - If you're feeling a little extra and want to go all out, then it really doesn't get much better than this spinach dip.

Apple Nachos - These will be a fav with the entire family!

Tubify Craft Freezies - You didn't think we'd leave ourselves out did you? No but seriously, we make the perfect couch snack because we're in a portable tube so no dishes, no mess, no clean up. Just a ton of real organic fruit and deliciousness!

Hopefully this brings you a little bit of inspiration and makes your weekend from home a little more exciting. Hang in there friends!

Enjoy - @tubify

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