How to Host The Best Vegan BBQ

Whether you're a long time vegan, new to veganism, catering to vegan guests, or just want to switch it up this summer, a vegan bbq is actually way easier to host than you would think!

We're here to help you plan and execute the summer bbq of your dreams, since we're allowed to have real people over now!! These are some of our favourite vegan recipes and hacks.

Let’s start off with the welcome cocktail, everyone loves a good welcome beverage, especially in the summer. 

There are a few things you could do here but we like to keep it simple. Stock your standard options like beer and wine (make sure it’s vegan because surprisingly some wines are not) and then have 1 or 2 easy fun cocktails. We suggest tequila soda with a Minty Limeade Mojito Freezie added to the glass in place of ice and mix, and if you’re feeling over the top offer a vodka soda with a Raspberry Raven Lemonade Freezie in the glass. By adding the freezies to the drinks you save on ice and mix, make your cocktails way lower in sugar than usual and full of nutritious real fruit, and you make your life way easier because you literally just have to pour the alcohol of choice and soda in the glass then pop in the freezie (or let them do it themselves for fun). It’s simple, mess free, delicious, and your guests will be wildly impressed, trust us! You can also leave out the alcohol and just do a freezie and soda for a mocktail option!

Now that we have the drinks covered, let’s talk about the snacks and appys. 

Again, we don’t want to over complicated it but want it to look like you put in major effort! Our go to’s when it comes to snacks are;

Okay now for the main attraction, the BBQ itself. 

The goal is to make things that are easy and can be made ahead so you can make sure that you are able to enjoy yourself and not stuck in front of the BBQ for your entire party. The thing is you could go really easy and just buy pre made vegan burgers and sausages (which we suggest buying some of) but you also want to do some stuff from scratch, that’s where we come in.

If you're planning on doing dessert, check out last weeks blog post with a ton of our favourite frozen summer-y desserts!

Enjoy! - @tubify

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