How to Keep Yourself and Your Kids Cool This Summer

Okay Vancouver, we did it, we made it through the thick of the heatwave. It was rough, we're not going to lie to you, we were having hourly ice baths and ate more freezies than we would like to admit, but even though we are technically through the hottest week ever, it's looking like it's going to be a very warm summer so staying cool is definitely high on our priority list and we're pretty sure it's on yours as well.

Through trial and error (and sweating) this week we learned a thing or two on how to stay cool in the heat and we wanted to share our tips for keeping you and your kiddos cool.

For the adults

  1. Keep cooling foods on hand - our freezies are key and they are selling out across the lower mainland FAST so make sure you order online!
  2. Keep your blinds closed when the sun is directly on your home - it might sound counterproductive because you want air flow but keeping the blinds closed will actually keep your home cooler.
  3. Try to make foods that don't require turning the oven on - this one is pretty self explanatory.
  4. Eat hydrating foods - watermelon, fruits, veggies high in water.
  5. Drink water - a no brainer but it is really the be all end all for health and cooling yourself down.
  6. Have a cold shower or bath - this cools your body temperature down ASAP
  7. Soak your feet in cold water - if you need to get some work done just try a cold bowl of water and a towel under your desk
  8. Take an ice pack or frozen cloth to bed - just put a moist cloth in the freezer and wait until it's frozen

For the littles

    1. Easy to eat cooling foods - watermelon, cucumber sticks, and freezies work great!
    2. Keep them out of the sun - shade, big sun hats, and all the SPF will help keep them from overheating.
    3. Hydrate - no surprise here, kids often forget to drink water so it's our job to remind them.
    4. Cold cloths around their necks/on their backs - this one is especially good for the babies, just lay them down and put a frozen or damp cool cloth on them for instant relief.
    5. Make them a mini cold bath to play in - fill the bath a few inches with cold water and throw some toys in, they will feel like it's a little pool.

We hope these tips help you this summer, and if you try any of them don't forget to tag us on instagram!

Stay cool - @tubify

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