Summer Activities

June is *finally* here and that means summer is right around the corner!

As we've mentioned before Summer is our favourite season for a few reasons;

  1. The weather is warmer
  2. The days are longer
  3. The sun is out way more often
  4. More time is spent outside
  5. It's freezie season!

We know that while we're all hoping for a somewhat "normal" summer, there are still restrictions in place in a lot of places in the world so we wanted to share some of our favourite summer activities that don't involve a ton of planning and can be done even if where you live still has restrictions!

A Beach or Lake Day - This is a no brainer, but anything with sand and water is always a go to in the summer for us! Pack a blanket, some food, water, SPF (can't forget about this), and of course a couple freezies (duh) and spend a day in the sun!

Camping - There is nothing better than spending some time in nature without the distractions of normal every day life. If camping sounds daunting to you and way out of your normal comfort zone that's OKAY just go for one night and test the waters, we guarantee you're going to come back feeling refreshed.

Hiking - In BC we are super blessed to have beautiful mountains and hiking trails just about everywhere, and summer is the perfect time to take advantage, spend time in nature and get some exercise while you're at it.

Road Trip - Depending on what your restrictions are like where you live, summer is a great time to explore your province (or state if you're in the USA). Make a fun playlist, plan some stops along the way and create a mini summer getaway that doesn't involve flying anywhere!

Try Something New - There is no excuse not to spend as much time outside as possible and one of the most fun things (in our opinion) is learning something new! If you've never tried golf before, try it! Want to learn how to fish? Do that too! Always wanted to take up running? Now is your time!

Pickleball or Tennis - Nothing wrong with some good old competition right? We love ball games because they're a great way to get active while also having fun and competing with your friends at the same time!

Outdoor Workouts - Grab a yoga matt and take your workout to a local park. Most parks have everything you need to create a sweaty circuit, like stairs, benches, picnic tables, etc.

Sidewalk Chalk - This one is for the littles, they love to be creative and draw and what better way to let their creativity soar than giving them a massive outdoor canvas and telling them they can draw anywhere they want!

No adventure is complete without snacks, and if you need some easy to go snack inspo we have got you covered, check out our blog post for a ton of great and easy snack recipes and ideas!

Happy June! - @tubify

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