Vegetables and Fruit In Season For Fall

As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts there are a ton of benefits to eating seasonally and allowing your foods to change as the seasons do.

Our bodies actually gravitate towards eating seasonally whether we actually consciously know we are doing it or not. There's a reason we crave lighter foods like salads and smoothies in the warm summer months and opt for heartier warming foods during the fall and winter, it's because it is our bodies preferred way of eating to support it's nutrient needs during each season.

Fall is one of the best times of the year for local and fresh produce, there is an assortment of fruits and vegetables, from crisp local apples to all types of squash, the harvest is inspiring when it comes to getting in the kitchen.

Here’s a guide to all the beautiful fall fruits and vegetables that are in season right now or coming very soon:

Apples - In season: September – November

Brussels Sprouts - In season: September – November

Leeks - In season: August – January

Carrots - In season: July – December

Cranberries - In season: September – November

Pears - In season: August – November

Parsnips - In season: October – March

Pumpkin - In season: September – October

Winter squash (all varieties) - In season: August – December

Sweet potatoes - In season: October – December

Cabbage - In season: September – December

We hope this list inspires you to pick up a new fruit or vegetable at the store this week. Happy seasonal shopping and eating!

- @Tubfiy Team

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