What Goes Into The Best Freezies Ever?

We're extremely passionate about our freezies (of course we are, that's why we created them) but we know not everyone is as easy to convince as we are so we want to share exactly why we love them so much and why we think you will love them just as much as we do (they're pretty great)!


We never compromise on our ingredients, everything that goes into our freezies is 100% organic, that is our promise to you.

If you want to read more about why organic is so important for both your health and the health of our planet you can read our blog post all about organic food and farming.


You will never find anything artificial in our freezies, we add zero colours or flavours. All of our flavours and the colours you see are from real whole fruit! 


Nothing is worse than picking up a package in the grocery store and not being able to recognize let alone pronounce half the things on the box. We are committed to using real ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your family, like: real fruit, coconut cream, and organic cane sugar.


We really value the fact that we created a product for the plant based community, it is a huge part of who we are and it makes us extremely happy to be able to bridge the gap when it comes to plant-based desserts!

If you're curious about the plant-based movement check out this post!


Something really fun that not many people know is that our freezies make AMAZING (and healthy) mixers in cocktails and mocktails (for the non drinkers). You can add our minty moose limeade freezie to just about anything - including green Thai curry (read more about that here) like how cool!


When you use real ingredients you get the nutritional benefit of those ingredients, our freezies are packed full of vitamins and nutrients!


You didn't think we would leave this one out right? We created Tubify because we didn't want to have to settle between health and having something that TASTES GOOD - so we made it ourselves, and that's what you're getting in every single freezie.

We would LOVE to hear what your favourite Tubify flavour is and why? Tell us on our latest instagram post!

Enjoy - @tubify

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