Why Freezies Will Be Your Summer Obsession

Freezies are going to be your summer 2021 bestie, we can guarantee it! 

Listen we would only guarantee something if we were 100% sure about it and we would bet money on this if we could. Try one for yourself and you'll believe us!

But in case you still need some convincing, here are some reasons why.

They're portable

Convenience is key, and our freezies are one of the most convenient foods you could choose! You can take them to the beach, the park, on a walk, a hike, wherever you want, just pop them in a cooler with some ice and you're good to go (literally)

They contain organic goodness 

We use only 100% organic ingredients, and contain zero artificial sugar, flavours, or colours! If you're interested in reading more about organic is so powerful we have a full blog post on it!

Tubify Freezies are vegan friendly

Not sure what to bring to your socially distanced picnic because some of your friends have dietary restrictions? Look no further, all Tubify freezies are certified vegan!

Only Ingredients you recognize 

We only use real ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your family, like: real fruit, coconut cream, and organic cane sugar!

They will be your new fav cocktail night ingredient 

Our freezies make the best cocktail and mocktail mixers, we have an entire blog post full of recipes you can check out!

They're just dang good

We wouldn't make something that wasn't equally delicious as it is nutritious and we're really proud of our freezies because they fit both of those descriptions!

Enjoy - @tubify

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