Mixed Case Freeze Pop Freezies (72 Freezie Bulk Case) - Tubify Shop
Mixed Case Freeze Pop Freezies (72 Freezie Bulk Case) - Tubify Shop
Mixed Case Freeze Pop Freezies (72 Freezie Bulk Case) - Tubify Shop

Mixed Case Freeze Pop Freezies (72 Freezie Bulk Case)

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A Guilt-Free Frozen Snack for the Whole Family

Most freezies and frozen snacks aren’t very healthy.  They include a lot of synthetic ingredients that aren’t great for your body or the bodies of our growing kids.  Our 100% plant-based, real fruit freezies are made with real ingredients - no preservatives, vegan friendly, and gluten-free.  

Our Freeze Pop Mix Pack includes all 4 of our flavors - Mango, Raspberry, Mint Lime, and Coconut Cafe.  Not sure which flavor you like best? Pick up this mixed case and try them all!

Why Our Freezies?


  • 100% plant-based = animal friendly
  • Organic = chemical free!
  • Real and whole fruit = a REAL source of vitamins and nutrients
  • Natural sugars = Provide essential nutrients 
  • No artificial colors or gums - All natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO = No modification of our ingredients
  • Fairtrade = Ethically sourced
  • Vegan = 100% vegan friendly
  • Gluten-Free = better digestion

The Details

  • Mango Tiger ingredients: organic mango, organic pineapple, organic coconut cream, organic evaporated cane juice.
  • Raspberry Raven ingredients: organic raspberries, organic lemon juice, organic evaporated cane juice, filtered water.
  • Minty Moose Limeade Ingredients: organic spearmint, organic lime juice, organic evaporated cane juice, filtered water.
  • Coconut Koala Cafe Latte ingredients: organic coconut cream, organic cold brew coffee (organic coffee, filtered water), organic evaporated cane juice.
  • Each individual freezie is 60 ml.
  • This product is our mixed case of 4 freezie flavors. (See our other products for other individual options)
  • Each freezie is individually sealed.
  • Our freezies are boxed in packs of 6.
  • This product is sold by the case (above-quoted price per case) which includes 12 boxes of 6 freezies for 72 total freezies per 1 unit order.
  • Our freezies come frozen.
  • Keep frozen before serving.



“We usually make our own popsicles at home but this summer has been busy and we don’t always have the time. These freezies are so delicious and I feel really good knowing they are organic and not too high in sugar. My kids loved them and they will definitely become a summer staple!”

— Karissa B


“A better for you frozen treat! Thrilled to see good ingredients being used, dairy-free options and delicious flavors. We got mango tiger and loved them. They are the perfect size and a welcomed treat during this heatwave!”

— Janetta W



“Simply, wow! I got the raspberry lemonade flavor freezies and they were absolutely delicious! I was not expecting them to taste like actual fruit, but they do and even have a little bit of pulp. So yummy and refreshing to have during this past heat spell. I highly recommend these!”

— Amanda F

Why Shop With Us?

  • We are the leading 100% plant-based freezie company.
  • We provide free shipping.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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How to Order

Just add your favorite flavors to the cart and checkout to complete your purchase.  We’ll send you the best real fruit freezies on the planet, right to your doorstep!

Try Our 100% Plant-Based Freeze Pops Today!